City’super is one of the largest up-market supermarkets in Asia, with stores across Hong Kong and Taiwan. They cater to the middle and upper classes and claim to offer everything under one roof. One item in their inventory that they are very proud of is their jet fresh bluefin tuna from the Tsukiji market in Japan.

The mere fact that City’super is claiming to be the only supermarket in Hong Kong selling jet-fresh bluefin tuna, only gives credibility to their competitors, who all seem to be showing some common sense when it comes to what they offer in their stores. This sense of ethics cannot be more obvious when it comes to the stocking and sale of a critically endangered species. Whilst it is not illegal (yet) to sell bluefin tuna, it is a question of moral integrity and in the case of City’super the fact that they are selling the fish only shows greed and a complete lack of socially environmental responsibility.

Blue fin tuna
Blue fin tuna

We went through the City’super website ( and found the following statements which we found rather bizarre for a company selling bluefin tuna :

"Our vision and mission is to become a global retailer focused on wholly satisfying the lifestyle demands of our metropolitan customers by providing them with high quality, internationally sourced merchandise which is ethically and environmentally responsible.

"To appeal to home cooks and food lovers, our international gourmet Food Market supplies the very best in fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat, poultry, spices, fine wines, health foods and snacks. We have a wide selection of environmentally responsible products and are committed to sustainable practices wherever possible. Customers are assured of quality at all times, thanks to our high safety standards.”

We have written a letter to City’super and asked them to remove all bluefin tuna from their stores and become a responsible company within society, setting a good example and following their vision to source merchandise, which is both ethically and environmentally responsible.

Blue fin tuna

Since mailing the letter and calling them on Feb 1st 2010 we have heard nothing. We will keep you posted if we receive a response.

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