All our fine art prints are produced using high quality paper with archival inks, and with proper care will they will last for many decades without noticeable fading. These are fine art prints, not glossy mass produced posters! Each print is made to order by the photographers, and are exclusively obtained images from around the world, captured by Oceanic Love's photographers.

The two sizes on offer reflect the longest side of each print, being 40" and 24". There are two varying proportions based on the image, these are a regular format or a letterbox format. We can do custom images upon request. Drop us an email for a quotation.

The Regular Format dimensions are 40"x24" (101.6cm x 60.96cm) and 24"x14.4" (60.96cm x 36.58cm)

The Letterbox Format dimensions are 40"x16" (101.6cm x 40.64cm) and 24"x9.6" (60.96cm x 24.38cm)


*We are conscious of our carbon footprint, hence why all prints are shipped unframed and rolled in tubes. The excessive weight of framed pictures we feel is an un-neccessary load burden when shipping internationally.

** For orders within Hong Kong, please drop us your contact details when ordering if you would like them framed. We can arrange framing with free delivery, within Hong Kong.

In the past we have donated and licensed some of these images to reputable conservation organizations. These are organizations that are in need of high quality images for use in the quests to help conserve our oceans. These are considered purely on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you wish to use any of our imagery

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