We are a collective of individuals who share one thing in common, the love for the oceans and all of the incredible species that live within. We know that we share this passion with so many; surfers, divers, yachtsman and even some fishermen! Together we can make a difference and try and influence the land lovers around us, and as importantly the governments and big business corporates, whose decisions affect every living creature on this planet.

Oceanic Love is far bigger than just the team behind the site, stories, pictures, fashion line and expeditions. We invite ocean lovers from all walks of life. From scientific experts and marine biologists to photographers and activists, (in fact anyone who enjoys getting wet) to get involved and join with us, as we highlight the atrocities that happen daily on the high seas, and bring them to the forefront of public attention. If you have a story you feel needs to be told, just let us know and we can add your work to the site to help get the message out.

Be sure to check back regularly for our latest stories, events, and photo/videos. We are only in the early stages of development, there’s so much more to come. Join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter.

  dolphins swimming
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